Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DONABE Cookbook Dinner at Ledlow in Downtown LA

In the following weekend after the successful launch party of my cookbook, DONABE – Classic and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking, at TGS, I had an honor to do the first cookbook dinner in LA. The dinner was hosted by Chef Josef Centeno, who is one of the most talented chefs I know and also a “guest chef” contributor of a recipe to the book. The dinner was going to take place at Ledlow, one of his restaurants in Downtown LA.

Kyle came all the way down from Sonoma a day before for the event! He also brought so many donabe to be used in the dinner.

A night before the dinner event, we had dinner at Ledlow. Josef currently owns 4 (all very popular) restaurants in Downtown LA, and they all have different themes and styles. Ledlow is like a contemporary American diner with mostly locally sourced ingredients. Their wine list focuses on boutique wineries from California.

 photo IMG_5014_zpssvdtihyw.jpg  photo IMG_5019_zpsgbsmniu4.jpg  photo IMG_5018_zpst1xlr7fk.jpg
With my iPhone, I couldn’t take good photos under the light level, but hope you can see how great the dishes were. I love that the menu has a lot of California style vegetable rich dishes.

 photo IMG_5022_zps89s8a72n.jpg  photo IMG_5020_zpsm4fhtalr.jpg  photo IMG_5021_zpsy96zf6gn.jpg  photo IMG_5016_zpsksgz4hyt.jpg
Everything was Fantastic.

 photo IMG_5025_zpsciwog6vd.jpg  photo IMG_5024_zps9vk6aiek.jpg
We were so hyped up about the event after the dinner!

 photo IMG_5028_zpstxljw6qu.jpg
The next day, the first seating of the book dinner started at 6 pm. Josef told us the kitchen was all taken care of and we didn’t need to do any work or help in the kitchen. How sweet! So, I came in just a little before the dinner time to help setting up the book display. The dinner took place at Penny-Ante, a private dining room inside of Ledlow.

 photo IMG_5031_zps70xrsb0n.jpg
Kanpachi Crudo – persimmon, walnut, tarragon, pomegranate
Pairing wine: Mary Elk, Brut, Chardonnay/ Pinot Noir Sparkling
What a beautiful combination of extremely fresh kanpachi with the seasonal flavors.

 photo IMG_5039_zpsd6vvhjeu.jpg
Chilled Kohlrabi – Asian pear, miso yogurt, pickled habanero, dill
Simmered Hijiki Salad (my recipe from the book) – shiitake mushrooms, lotus root
Pairing sake: Kaori JC Sake
Loved both so much, and they were great with the sake.

 photo IMG_5044_zps6jpuupgd.jpg  photo IMG_5066_zpshkf5qrys.jpg  photo IMG_5045_zps5idoxyl2.jpg
Donabe time! Rice dish made in double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san"
Very Juicy Chicken Wing Rice (my recipe from the book) – ginger, sansho, sesame oil
Pairing wine: “La Clarine, Rose of Syrah/ Mouvedre”. They totally nailed it!

 photo IMG_5053_zpsxg7gxiu3.jpg  photo IMG_5058_zpsgllngijn.jpg
Another donabe dish, made in soup and stew donabe, "Miso-shiru Nabe".
Braised Shio-koji Beef Brisket (Josef’s recipe from the book) – sunchoke, basil, radish, meyer lemon
Pairing wine: Field Recordings, Ventucopa Tempranillo
His donabe beef stew was so hearty and elegant at the same time. It was really great.

 photo IMG_5061_zpsvsrfdtac.jpg
Quince Almond Cake – ume sabayon, candied ginger, cassis
Pairing liqueur: Contratto Vermouth Bianco
Beautiful flavor.

 photo IMG_5052_zpssxtjneri.jpg
Someone looks very happy with my book. So many people including friends came to the dinner and it was a great fun. The dishes were really delicious! 

 photo IMG_5062_zps0i4711xz.jpg
Kyle's dad, Kyle, and me. Photo was taken by Sonya.

Happy donabe life!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

DONABE Cookbook Event at TGS...More photos!

Now, I have more photos from the DONABE Cookbook publishing event at Tortoise General Store on November 7. All of these photos are taken by my friend and photographer, Antonis Ricos. Thank you so much, Antonis-san!

 photo thumb__AR77049_1024_zps9tuslbyo.jpg  photo thumb__AR76990_1024_zpshjw7ga8o.jpg  photo thumb__AR77038_1024_zpsfhwvdjbv.jpg  photo thumb__AR77010_1024_zpsbiqfoxih.jpg  photo thumb__AR77003_1024_zpsza0pkd9y.jpg  photo thumb__AR77022_1024_zpsxgkcslc5.jpg  photo thumb__AR77137_1024_zpsz3qjqrfl.jpg  photo thumb__AR77190_1024_zpszsuog7sk.jpg  photo thumb__AR77330_1024_zpsj3fwcncj.jpg  photo thumb__AR77457_1024_zpsdrtvtnsz.jpg  photo thumb__AR77602_1024_zpskcsatobn.jpg  photo thumb__AR77671_1024_zpsdug6wr9t.jpg  photo thumb__AR77350_1024_zpsvvan7cu6.jpg  photo thumb__AR77446_1024_zpsebfu80cr.jpg  photo thumb__AR77590_1024_zpsghcfkxaz.jpg photo thumb__AR77585_1024_zpsutjaigjb.jpg
What a great time I had with so many people!
I'm so grateful to everybody who came to support and celebrate with me.

Happy donabe life.

Friday, November 20, 2015

DONABE Cookbook Event at TGS...Before and After

On November 7, I had my DONABE Cookbook publishing reception at Tortoise General Store in LA.

It was a great fun! I was so busy during the event, so I could only take photos of "before and after". So many people came to celebrate with me! I am so grateful to everyone who came to the event and also to TGS team and all the people who helped making this event happen.

 photo IMG_4925_zpspfam6fk1.jpg

 photo IMG_4952_zpsbozb5lwo.jpg  photo IMG_4948_zpsmzlzxabp.jpg
And, after...with TGS team!

Happy donabe life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DONABE Cookbook Release Week...Book launch dinner event at Bar Tartine

November 2, 2015

We had our first book dinner event for DONABE: Classic and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking at Bar Tartine in San Francisco. The first seating started at 5.30 pm. The menu included Bar Tartine's original and also some of the dishes from the book.

 photo IMG_4740_zpsypuo2y6t.jpg
Cortney in action.

 photo IMG_4747_zps7mjwi0ig.jpg  photo IMG_4750_zps6bwa73d2.jpg  photo IMG_4751_zps3j981jgt.jpg
Some of the first courses.

 photo IMG_4775_zpsr6wbidgp.jpg  photo IMG_4796_zpsx3ykw1jn.jpg

 photo IMG_4762_zpsjoizjlmt.jpg  photo IMG_4822_zpsquehgoq4.jpg
So many people came to enjoy the special dinner and celebrate with us.

 photo IMG_4829_zpsu62orezz.jpg  photo IMG_4841_zpsalvoxtmi.jpg
Course after course of delicious dishes.

 photo IMG_4778_zps4qgzlnvs.jpg  photo IMG_4781_zpsl6gbyu8s.jpg  photo IMG_4786_zps2cillrj2.jpg
Here's how my recipes of scallop & daikon rice and kabu miso soup were served. They did a great job.

 photo IMG_4794_zps7lkw0y5l.jpg  photo IMG_4834_zpsqqpzjtv1.jpg  photo IMG_4793_zpsfb8fmelg.jpg
Everything  was fantastic.

 photo IMG_4817_zpsvvqwjb1e.jpg  photo IMG_4848_zps8ymkih4j.jpg  photo thumb_IMG_4960_1024_zpss7z8nkid.jpg
My long time Japanese girlfriends also came to celebrate with me! (The 3rd photo was taken by Tamaka herself.)

 photo thumb_IMG_4961_1024_zpsftkksgxi.jpg  photo IMG_4860_zps2dj4agvo.jpg
Here's the entire menu and the chefs of Bar Tartine. They put together such an incredible dinner and I was so amazed by all the talent and teamwork they have. I am so thankful for their special omotenashi to us!! What a magical evening! I had a blast!!

Happy donabe life.