Saturday, June 27, 2015

Super Happy Donabe Steamed Vegetables

...for my American friends.

 photo IMG_0610_zpspjgtolss.jpg
I wanted to express with my donabe dish.

Happy donabe life!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nagatani-en on CRAFTED, now available to watch on Amazon!

Yuji Nagatani, the 7th generation of Nagatani-en and I...he's like my father

The short documentary film by Morgan Spurlock, CRAFTED, featuring Iga donabe master, Yuji Nagatani of Nagatani-en, is now available to view on Amazon (you can access from the link below). Please support artisans!
And, here's the direct link to CRAFTED movie on Amazon.

I'm so proud to be part of the project as well as to bring Nagatani-en's authentic Iga-yaki donabe and beautiful Japanese donabe culture to America and the world since 2008! I started my donabe shop and mission to spread donabe culture from zero, when almost no one in the US knew (or could even pronounce it) about donabe, and now our donabe and the producer even became a subject of a documentary film by an internationally-known award-winning director!

These photos are behind the scenes from Iga shooting, which I helped making.
 photo IMG_8711_zpslnyruw36.jpg  photo IMG_8735_zps3nstp6p0.jpg  photo IMG_8719_zps6pv9uump.jpg  photo IMG_8730_zpstdbnrciq.jpg  photo IMG_8751_zpsbxtlys5j.jpg  photo IMG_8757_zpsgnfmx6sx.jpg  photo IMG_8762_zpsxkpdocs6.jpg  photo IMG_8784_zpscj8kqt59.jpg  photo IMG_8789_zps2l2fs7di.jpg  photo IMG_8782_zps9lw4gm6s.jpg  photo IMG_8805_zpsavqruk8i.jpg

Last week, the movie premiered at LA Film Festival!
 photo IMG_0475_zpsaiocwu88.jpg  photo IMG_0487_zpsxlop4wg4.jpg  photo IMG_5143_zpshaegsezg.jpg

It was a sold out show, and it was great to see the production team there again.

Happy donabe life.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our Iga-yaki DONABE on Morgan Spurlock's documentary film, CRAFTED

Now it's official. I'm so proud the Iga donabe master, Yuji Nagatani (the chairman and the 7th generation of Nagatani-en), is featured in CRAFTED, a documentary film directed by Morgan Spurlock. It was such an honor and pleasure to be part of the production in Iga, Japan. Please check out the trailer, linked below. Donabe to the world!

 photo Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 4.32.27 PM_zpsnqrvqw1a.jpg
Here's an excerpt from the movie...the chairman is the star!

Morgan Spurlock's interview from this morning's KTLA news can be watched here. Happy donabe life!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Donabe-steamed Pork & Lotus Root Shumai

Simple steamy donabe dinner courses on a weekday...
With donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe", everything is cooked and enjoyed right at the table.

 photo IMG_8558_zpsbzncdsuf.jpg
Started with simple steamed vegetables (you can find the basic recipe here)...colorful carrots, lotus root, kabu (Japanese turnip), shimeji mushrooms, asparagus, and green garlics. I served with simple mixture of shio-koji and olive oil. Really tasty!

 photo IMG_8564_zpswhkipqc7.jpg  photo IMG_8584_zpsmtdl99gk.jpg
Then, I made pork & lotus root shumai. Instead of regular pork shumai, by adding coarsely minded lotus root, you can enjoy its nice crunchy texture with juicy pork.

You can find the recipe (for both standard pork shumai and pork & lotus root shumai variation) in toiro kitchen's website.

Happy doanbe life.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Classic Donabe Recipe...Niku Dango Nabe (pork meatball hot pot)

Since I was in a mood some pork meatballs, I decided to make a simple pork meatball hot pot, Niku Dango Nabe for dinner the other night. I went to McCall's Meat and Fish to pick up the ground pork, as they have the best quality you can find in LA. Their ground pork is rich in flavor and has just the good amount of fat.

While this recipe can be made with any classic-style donabe (medium-size or larger), my pick of the night was Kyoto-style shallow classic-style donabe, "Kyoto Ame-yu". This donabe has the shallow bowl with wider surface area, the meatballs are cooked beautifully in one layer.

 photo IMG_8635_zpsq0oqph59.jpg
I used my homemade Japanese-style chicken stock this time, but you can use instant Asian chicken stock powder (make sure there is no MSG if possible) or dashi stock works perfectly, too. Napa cabbage, enoki mushrooms, and meatballs are cooked together in the broth first, then bean thread (cellphone noodles) and nira (garlic chives) are added to finish.

 photo IMG_8641_zpsd4c1ruse.jpg
As a variation, you can add some grated daikon right before serving. Really nice.

You can find the full recipe in toiro kitchen's website. So, please check it out.

Happy donabe life.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Back in Japan (Spring 2015)...Sakura-viewing wine party, then back in LA

Goodies from Japan

(April 2015)

 photo IMG_9763_zpsrmg3vzpe.jpg  photo IMG_9764_zpskeiqgksm.jpg
It was our final full day together in Tokyo. We started our morning in Tsukiji.

 photo IMG_9776_zpsmfdqoqws.jpg  photo IMG_9774_zpszho8nodg.jpg  photo IMG_9775_zpslaxva7ru.jpg
From Tsukiji, we walked to Ginza and enjoyed lunch at a local izakaya. In the afternoon, we spent our final hours shopping.

 photo IMG_9792_zps3psp6nos.jpg  photo IMG_9781_zpszxtdy6mw.jpg  photo IMG_9785_zpsfuceidrb.jpg  photo IMG_9793_zps0wekeriu.jpg
For our final evening, I took them to a party with my wine friends. Every year, they have a sakura (cherry blossoms) viewing wine party, and it happened to be this particular evening this year. So, it was nice to see my wine friends and also introduce my American chef friends to them.

 photo IMG_9789_zpsv7xpmuwr.jpg  photo IMG_9801_zpsgwmh0ovi.jpg
I brought a magnum bottle of Venteux Vineyards' 2011 Grenache, and it was a hit! We had a fun time together.

 photo IMG_9809_zpss46ux1w7.jpg
Wow, it was such an intense and also fun 3-week visit back in Japan and traveling with people from the US. It was a big success! After having a final chirashi sushi lunch, I went back to LA. I can finally see Jason (my husband)!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Back in Japan (Spring 2015)...Donabe Home Party!

Very seasonal donabe hot pot

(April 2015)

 photo IMG_9650_zpsiaqwacgz.jpg  photo IMG_9653_zpse691gkqd.jpg  photo IMG_9655_zpsun9jrlhp.jpg  photo IMG_9657_zps5vhtltfg.jpg
In the morning, Namae-san and his friend who organizes Farmers Market in Shibuya came to pick us up. We drove to Tsukuba area of Ibaraki Prefecture for a day trip. It was about 2 hours by car. We first toured a local (permanent) farmers market. Then, we had a tour at a small soy sauce brewery. They have been making soy sauce over generations there.

 photo IMG_9659_zpsa6s9ygmq.jpg  photo IMG_9661_zpsrejoaluo.jpg  photo IMG_9665_zps0lwsywmx.jpg  photo IMG_9667_zpsjjh86kq2.jpg
After lunch at a local Italian restaurant, we had an appointment with a local farm. They specialize in organic farming. It was very interesting.

 photo IMG_9675_zpsvezupivi.jpg  photo IMG_9676_zpsuncz6vxi.jpg  photo IMG_9678_zpsc4pnrsdr.jpg  photo IMG_9680_zpsoovbgfnq.jpg
Back in Tokyo, we were invited to Akiyo-san (Isako's older sister) and Takahiro-san's home for dinner. I was so excited to see them at their home again. Takahiro is an amazing cook, and I was also excited to introduce my friend to them and experience their special home-style dinner. The appetizers were beautiful seafood dishes. He got the ingredients from Tsukiji Fish Market.

 photo IMG_9685_zpsgddmn4m7.jpg  photo IMG_9686_zps7dmurugc.jpg  photo IMG_9693_zpsbfodwe3h.jpg
Main dish was, of course, donabe! He made hamaguri clam hot pot with nanohana (rape blossoms) and new harvest wakame seaweed. The broth was made from extra clams. It was like the feeling the season with all my body. So wonderful.

 photo IMG_9722_zps2hau8pbg.jpg  photo IMG_9725_zpsqn8ioumu.jpg  photo IMG_9724_zpswiaqm9xo.jpg
The "shime" finishing course was somen noodles with slices of kabosu citrus. Perfect ending. With Champagne and a lot of sake, we were super happy and wild.

Happy donabe life.